Continued Success for Derry Radical Bookfair

26994185_361302247677701_8380363333606457323_n.jpgOnce again city’s second annual Radical Bookfair was held over the weekend at the Pilots Row Community Centre in Derry.  Organisers estimated that attendance increased on last year as an estimated several hundred people passed through the doors of Rossville Street venue. A spokesperson for the Radical Bookfair Collective stated “We are really pleased at this years events, we have seen more bookstalls and discussions which in turn gives us an added boost of enthusiasm, to continue to build upon what we have achieved here and some of us are already looking towards next years bookfair.

27072755_361302564344336_5503400273343925470_n.jpg“We have been overwhelmed at todays events as it was great to witness so many people passing through the the hall, exploring the many different book stalls, engaging with other participants and stall holders, and of course picking up the odd gem or bargain.  Again we have had a diverse range of books on show with a great variety of independent publications for every type of interest, touching on many different political theories from socialism to republicanism, feminism to anarchism, queer or gender politics right through to a wide range of both local and national social and political history. It truly is an impressive display which in turn has attracted an equally diverse audience.

27072539_361302501011009_5335724310784956425_n.jpg“Speaking to the different stall holders throughout the day, everyone has enjoyed the experience, there has been a lot of networking and of course the trade itself.  It has been estimated that throughout the day, several hundred book lovers past through the main hall in Pilots Row.  The radical book fair concept is something which fully supports independent publishers and booksellers which is something we feel has to be encouraged.

“We have been happily surrounded by visitors as well as stall holders from as far away as Dublin and Cork, and of course those who travelled here especially for todays event from England, Scotland and Wales. All of who are great book lovers and lovers of politics. This years event has seen more bookstalls, talks and discussions which gives us great excitement and enthusiasm as we look towards planning for next years Radical Bookfair.”26993283_361302517677674_7501054477540099944_n.jpg


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