Book Signing: Eamonn McCann – War in an Irish Town


Join author Eamonn McCann for a signing of his classic book, War and an Irish Town, at the Haymarket Books stall at Derry Radical Bookfair on 26 January, 3:30-4:00pm.

First published in 1974, War and an Irish Town describes what it was like to grow up Catholic in a northern ghetto, the development of the civil rights movement, and its transformation into an armed conflict against the British state. Republished with a new introduction, it remains an indispensable and unmatched account of the region’s life and struggle.


Barricades are Beautiful: In Conversation with Sarah Wilson


2.30pm – 3pm Barricades are Beautiful – In conversation with Sarah Wilson

‘Barricades are Beautiful’ – In August of 1969, Sarah Wilson from the London-based radical screen-printing group Poster Workshop came to Free Derry to make posters and teach screen-printing to local people. In ‘War and an Irish Town’, Eamonn McCann describes how there was a hall found for her to work in and a “team of children” helped her to produce “a series of striking and effective posters which soon festooned the area.” Poster Workshop were the makers of several iconic posters from the era, including “The Falls Burns – Malone Road Fiddles” and “Do you trust the Mad Major?” (see Discussion above for images).

The Radical Book Fair is pleased to welcome Sarah on Saturday 26 January at 2:30pm for a public conversation with Eamonn McCann. We look forward to hearing memories of this period, her thoughts about the role of Poster Workshop in a wide range of struggles, and about design as an act of solidarity. A new publication from Four Corners Books, ‘Poster Workshop 1968-1971’ will also be launched (see Discussion for details).

This event will be preceded by a drop-in radical screen-printing workshop in the book fair, with the support of the Derry Print Workshop, from 12 noon-2pm.

These events take place in association with Loitering Theatre, who will be filming some aspects of the day. Just let us know on the day if you prefer not to be filmed.

Reading: MAKARONIK le Dave Duggan (Cló Iar Chonnacht, 2018)

duggan2pm – 2.30-pm Reading: MAKARONIK le Dave Duggan (Cló Iar Chonnacht, 2018)

Léamh agus Comhrá le Dave Duggan A reading and conversation with Dave Duggan, in a bi-lingual event.

MAKARONIK le Dave Duggan (Cló Iar Chonnacht, 2018) Úrscéal ficsean eolaíochta, suite i nDoire 2584, ina bhfuil saoirse pearsanta, dualgas agus dílseacht pléite ann.

A science fiction novel, set in Derry, in 2584, in which matters of personal freedom, duty and loyalty are played out. Scéal daonnachtúil é, ina bhfuil fórsa ar leith ag an focal ‘rogha’.

A humane story, where the word ‘choice’ has a particular force.

Mairfidh an imeacht dhá theangach seo 30 nóiméad. This bi-lingual event will last 30 minutes.

Fáilte roimh cách. All welcome.

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language11pm – 2-pm Talk: MISNEACH IN AIMSIR NA nÉIGEANDÁLAÍ

Grúpa radacach ar son leas na cosmhuintire agus na teanga dúchais atá i Misneach.

Tabharfaidh beirt bhall de Mhisneach caint ar ghnéithe éagsúla den streachailt atá ar bun ar son todhchaí na nGael agus na hÉireann trí chéile. Labhrófar ar ról agus obair Mhisneach, ar ghéarchéim na Gaeltachta, ar an bhfeimineachas mar chuid de chúis na nGael agus ar an mbunús eacnamaíochta atá leis na trioblóidí polaitiúla, sóisialta agus timpeallachta atá ag bagairt ar na Gaeil agus ar an gcine daonna go léir.

Fáilte roimh cách. All welcome.

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Annual Derry Radical Bookfair Celebrates Its Third Year

DRB-2019On Saturday 26th January, Pilots Row Community Centre will once again play host to the 3rd annual Derry Radical Bookfair in Rossville Street.

Organisers have confirmed that the Bogside venue will now host one of the largest number of independent radical press, book sellers, publishers and distributors from the length of Ireland with participants travelling from Scotland, England and Wales for the one day event.

A spokesperson for the Derry Radical Bookfair said “Following on from previous years book fairs we have had a fantastic response to such a successful event by making this happen annually for those of us across the northwest to access literature not normally found in mainstream bookshops. It will also give an opportunity to independent book
sellers and publishers a chance to network and create important links in order to continue their work.

“All participants are welcome to the Radical Bookfair with different visions, ideas, practices and radical traditions. Books of local, national and international interests including social and labour history as well as themes covering radical feminism, queer liberation, anarchism, marxism, republicanism and environmentalism. There will
also be a number of campaign groups tabling stalls in an effort to highlight ongoing human rights and social justice issues.

“Throughout the day there will be a number of talks and book launches planned which will again add to the day long event within Pilots Row.”

Derry Radical Bookfair takes place on Saturday 26th January from 12pm
until 5pm at the Pilots Row Community Centre in Rossville Street.

Third Annual Derry Radical Bookfair Returns in 2019

DRB-2019The third annual Radical Book Fair at Pilots Row Community Centre will return to the city once again in January.  A spokesperson on behalf of the book fair organising committee said that over the past several years the book fair has been in existence it has grown in size which has encouraged us to make the event an annual affair. “We are delighted to announce what will be the 3rd annual Derry Radical Bookfair which will take place in January 2109.  We have had regular requests and encouragement to continue the event which is now firmly part of the political calendar of the city.

“During the past couple of years the Radical Bookfair has played host to many participants from all across the island of Ireland as well as from England, Scotland and Wales which has been part of the Bloody Sunday week of events leading up to the annual Bloody Sunday March.

“We would like to extend a warm Derry welcome to all participants again to the Radical Bookfair who have different visions, ideas, practices and radical traditions. it is our view that this annual book fair will be used to present our support of small press publishers and independent booksellers and producers, circulating radical reading materials and information from independent distributors, non-party political campaigns and groups to share their publications and merchandise, which normally would be hard or impossible to find at mainstream bookshops.

“Books of local, national and international interests including social and labour history as well as themes covering radical feminism, queer liberation, anarchism, Marxism, republicanism and environmentalism.

“From the outset it is our view that Derry has a long and proud tradition of working-class radicalism which has influenced many historical events, standing out beyond most other cities that has both challenged and changed society around us for the better.

“At present, we are allocating stall space and as seen during past radical bookfairs, space is limited.

“If your bookstore, distribution or publishing collective would like to book a place at the radical bookfair then now is the time to confirm.

“We are currently getting ready to present what looks to be another amazing day of stalls, books, records, zines from independent booksellers, political and historical groups, local radical projects, small press and more.”

Find out more at

Continued Success for Derry Radical Bookfair

26994185_361302247677701_8380363333606457323_n.jpgOnce again city’s second annual Radical Bookfair was held over the weekend at the Pilots Row Community Centre in Derry.  Organisers estimated that attendance increased on last year as an estimated several hundred people passed through the doors of Rossville Street venue. A spokesperson for the Radical Bookfair Collective stated “We are really pleased at this years events, we have seen more bookstalls and discussions which in turn gives us an added boost of enthusiasm, to continue to build upon what we have achieved here and some of us are already looking towards next years bookfair.

27072755_361302564344336_5503400273343925470_n.jpg“We have been overwhelmed at todays events as it was great to witness so many people passing through the the hall, exploring the many different book stalls, engaging with other participants and stall holders, and of course picking up the odd gem or bargain.  Again we have had a diverse range of books on show with a great variety of independent publications for every type of interest, touching on many different political theories from socialism to republicanism, feminism to anarchism, queer or gender politics right through to a wide range of both local and national social and political history. It truly is an impressive display which in turn has attracted an equally diverse audience.

27072539_361302501011009_5335724310784956425_n.jpg“Speaking to the different stall holders throughout the day, everyone has enjoyed the experience, there has been a lot of networking and of course the trade itself.  It has been estimated that throughout the day, several hundred book lovers past through the main hall in Pilots Row.  The radical book fair concept is something which fully supports independent publishers and booksellers which is something we feel has to be encouraged.

“We have been happily surrounded by visitors as well as stall holders from as far away as Dublin and Cork, and of course those who travelled here especially for todays event from England, Scotland and Wales. All of who are great book lovers and lovers of politics. This years event has seen more bookstalls, talks and discussions which gives us great excitement and enthusiasm as we look towards planning for next years Radical Bookfair.”26993283_361302517677674_7501054477540099944_n.jpg